Lazybones Audio is a full service retreat style recording studio set on 10 acres in the Piney Wood region of Southeast Texas (2 hours East of Houston, TX). The studio offers a flexible and inspiring 3 room facility with high end microphones, mic preamps, and Analog to Digital converters. Take a further look through our equipment list. The 3 room facility includes a line of sight throughout the entire space, a large live room, and a comfortable sound booth. View architectural pictures and video for more insight into the layout.  Thanks to Andrea Calo for the pictures and to Taylor Rudd for the video. 




We are currently not booking dates until 2023. Feel free to reach out for more information by phone or email.


Day Rate w/engineer: $375

Day Rate without engineer: $300

Hourly: Contact for details.

Mixing: Contact for details. Depending on the project, I will do an initial mix of one song to align on what you are needing and to determine the effort required.

Mastering: Contact for details. Same approach as determining estimate for mixing.


Booking your time in the studio: A day of recording will usually last anywhere from 8-10 hours. There are a lot of different approaches to getting the pieces of a composition recorded and mixed, and the amount of songs completed in a day's time will likely be determined most by which approach you go with. We designed the studio in a way that allows a full band to play live together with all the appropriate monitoring and isolation. This can really cut down on time needed to track a full song; meaning six songs fully tracked in a day is an achievable feat. 

Lodging:  Lodging can be made available but it is important that this is discussed when booking/planning. The potential lodging options range from a sleeping loft (sleeps 3) to a 3 bedroom house (sleeps 6+).